Tin Man & Princess Bubble

Have you seen the ads for the new-age Wizard of Oz remake? Apparently it is a mini-series on the Sci-Fi channel called “Tin Man”. A ‘bold re-imagining of a traditional tale’ I think they say. I’m excited to see it whenever it comes to a station I actually get!

Anyways, Princess Bubble is also a bold re-imagining of a traditional tale. Not every princess waits for a prince. Some have a lot of fun all on their own…a new bedtime story to read to your little ones.

What tale would you re-imagine if you could? How would it go for you?

Happy RE-imagining!


1 thought on “Tin Man & Princess Bubble”

  1. Thanks for mentioning us! (Princess Bubble) We feel our message is so important for girls and need help getting the word out. We really appreciate you!!!

    Happily Ever After!
    Susan and Kim