Pretending is a beautiful thing – it is the product of an active imagination. I love it when my little nephew gives us all air band instruments to play and we prance around playing our imaginary instruments and performing in our little air band. It’s jolly good fun! I’m so lucky I have a little nephew to dream up such things and remind me that I used to freely dream too. Take a moment for yourself today and really dream – really imagine some wild and outrageous possibilities! Freedom, love, health, wealth and true peace – you can dream it. So what if not so pretty alternatives are still there when you’re done your little dreaming session? In the moment that you’re dreaming, they do not exist – only your dreams do. And that moment is the present moment. And it is yours to explore any time you choose. Take the imagination a step further if you will. Imagine that all realities are imagined. That you are imagining the reality you are in right now. And in a different time/space continuum, but still in this present moment, other realities exist AT THE SAME TIME. Any reality you can imagine. So if the choice is yours to imagine, what picture did your heart create?! Did you save the world with your rockin’ ability to sing? Did you write a novel that inspired others? Did you have free time in your schedule to volunteer with the needy? Did you just sit for a moment of silence in the sun listening to the waves of the ocean in your seaside fortress? Let your imagination take you anywhere and everywhere. It’s God’s gift to you. Available all the time!

And if you’re wondering what led me to this inspiration, below is my daily dose of Notes from the Universe:

Couldn’t you just pretend with the job or occupation you now have, whether or not it even pays or is recognized by others as a job, that you’re receiving a salary of millions each year for doing it? That everyday your peers, partners, or supervisors are left in awe by how you deftly handle each challenge and setback? That there are backroom discussions going on (sh-h-h-h-h….) even as you nonchalantly read this email, about retaining you no matter how high the cost? That shareholders are beginning to whisper among themselves about your legacy, and board members are each hoping to bump into you at the water cooler? That the competition has just hired a management consultancy firm just to keep up with your innovative style?

I think you could, even if you work in your pajamas, and I’d highly recommend it. Especially the “millions each year” part.

See you in the teller line –
The Universe