Life has been busy for a while – sometimes work gets in the way!  🙂  However, I am grateful to the universe for gently reminding me on a regular basis that there is more to life than my job.  Today I received some sad news that friends of my sister had a little girl who just passed away from leukemia.  She was only 4 years old, and she spent the last 15 months of those precious four years battling cancer.

Sometimes life does not seem fair.  Sometimes we cannot seem to find a rhyme or reason for why the universe works the way it does.   Sometimes we are thrown a curve, or we watch loved ones go through horrific events and it rouses anger, a sense of helplessness, and sadness.  The way we deal with these emotions is through the grieving process.

So what is the grieving process?  I would lean towards saying it is expressing whatever emotion you can to the fullest extent you can.  Crying spontaneously, admitting that the situation is next to unbearable, talking about it and sharing freely with loved ones how you feel.  Journalling your innermost thoughts and the fears it may raise in you about your own situation.  Whatever grieving means to you.  A good friend of mine once suggested that while I could not be present at my grandfather’s funeral since I was overseas at the time, that I create some time for a ritual.  A time of meditation about memories of my grandfather and perhaps lighting a candle and writing him a goodbye letter and then burning it as a symbol of me saying goodbye in my own way.  I did not take her good advice to the extent that I could have and always felt an open loop about the death of my grandfather until I did one day create the symbol and say goodbye.  It relieved me tonnes to be able to truly make peace with it.

Symbols or talismans are a wonderful way in which to give material life to your emotions, pour yourself in to them, and therefore get them out of your system.  I’m not suggesting they don’t belong, I’m merely suggesting that it is entirely therapeutic to give your full attention to them, and let them move through you instead of holding on to them and letting them paralyze you.

Consider it an opportunity to practice ho’oponopono and ground yourself.  Thank you.  I’m sorry.  I forgive you.  I love you.   And so it is.

While it is difficult to imagine, feelings of anger and sadness wished to be given the same attention and care as feelings of jubilation and celebration, because to them, they are all feelings and all feelings are energy and all energy has a primitive need to be in motion.  So let your energy be in motion today – be it that of grief or stress, or gratitude and love.  Express yourself today.  Create your own symbol for Wednesday being over, or kiss your pillow before falling asleep in gratitude that you have a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are expressing, I am sending you a hug through the coconut wireless.