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We all make assumptions. It’s a part of life. I’m not putting assumptions down at all, I think they are very useful to me sometimes. Usually assumptions are coupled with a splash of experience, and a dollop of hope or trust. Like how I assume that if I put my lunch in the fridge at work where 40 other people put their lunch, that it will still be there, untouched and ready for me to eat when I go back to get it at lunch!

But what about the assumptions that are not based on experience, or even coupled with hope and trust? What about the assumptions that are born out of fear, or simple acceptance? “New studies report that more than 20 minutes in the sun is bad for you and anything under SPF8 is useless to you as a sunscreen.” Suddenly we’ve got people out there who literally don’t spend more than 20 minutes in the sun and scramble to find SPF 60 to put on their skin everyday! All because a news report said so?!

Or how about the diet industry? Carbs, no carbs, all protein, no wait balanced diet, lots of water, not too much water, eggs good or bad?, and so on and so on.

Or what about that feeling you get when it’s Friday?! You are tying off your list of maybe not so exciting things you had to do this week and making plans for numero uno! That’s right, 3 whole nights and two whole days to do what you want, go where you want, see whom you want and so on. (For those who work Monday – Friday days – if you have a different schedule, then imagine the feelings that are aroused in you when you’re about to get your break of a couple days…)

I love Fridays! TGIF! There’s a light-heartedness in the air no? Most workplaces allow you to ‘dress down’ – maybe wear jeans and perhaps maybe that helps you to feel a little more like yourself instead of Mr or Mrs Suit. But who says that only Fridays are reserved for this feeling? Who told you that you must suffer 4 work days out of the week, and on the 5th you’ll have a little respite and then for two whole days you are your own!?! I mean, if we are dreaming big, if we are the masters of our own design, if we weave the story of our life into a way that allows us access to that TGIF feeling every single day of our lives, would we make the choices we are making right now? Are we just NOT QUESTIONING the assumption that it doesn’t have to be like this? Are we afraid of having the TGIF smile on all the time? What will it be like to be different? How will I feel if I do X and not Y anymore? Who will I be? How will my friends and family view me? How does that make me feel? How would I feel knowing that the best I could possibly imagine, is real in my life right now? Right now. Real, in your life, right now…

Oh there are lots of things to question…

You know that feeling you get when you’re on vacation and not just the weekend? You’re away, exploring, on an adventure, someone else is cooking your meals and cleaning your room for you, all your worries are left behind, and you have nothing in particular as a goal except to enjoy yourself, rediscover sleep, and re-fuel before going back to the grind?! Who says that feeling cannot be accessed every single day of your life, no matter where you are or what you’re doing?

I know a very special person who worked in a post-conflict country for a year and who faced life-threatening danger often, and he considered it a vacation every single day! Everyday he felt joy for seeing the ceiling when he woke up in the morning and everyday when he heard others complain about the hardships of living and working in this environment, he laughed and reminded them that he was on vacation! 🙂 We can adopt any belief about life we choose my friends…and it will certainly shape the experiences you encounter…

Question some assumptions in your life today – gentle questioning that opens doors to ideas, creativity, and your Heart’s voice….

-It’s ragweed season and so I am going to have allergies. That’s an assumption no?

-Once I’ve been promoted to a certain salary level, then life will be ok for me and my loved ones.

-You’ve got to put in the time to get the dime.

-I can’t swim.

-I can’t anything…

-I should anything…

Or how about the big big big ones, that not only involve your life, but the globe and all it’s inhabitants?  How about the assumption that the ozone is depleting?  Or that there is much suffering and poverty?  Or that no matter what we do it never seems to get any better?  What happens if you lived life assuming the opposite?  What would you see?  How would you approach things?  What if the world were a place of birth and rebirth for you?  How would you feel knowing that the planet is an unlimited resource when you align with it in respect and harmony?  Would you like to connect with others who are questioning their assumptions about the world as they knew it from memory and creating a vision for how they feel about seeing it with new eyes?  Check out the Consciousness Project today then…

Enjoy the journey!

Light and Love,