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The Jamshids!!

Oh my day is complete now – I received some photos from a friend who was in Kabul, Afghanistan and she was kind enough to deliver a present to my dear Uncle Jamshid and family!  This is a photo of my friend, Uncle Jamshid and Bilal!  Those of you who read my stories of my adventures in Kabul will remember the dear Jamshid family…they are alive and well and we keep in touch…although I wish I could do more than send them words of encouragement…this only strengthens my desire to go back…

May we all feel the pull of our callings and find a way to follow them…

Blessings to the Jamshids!  🙂

The Jamshids

2 thoughts on “The Jamshids!!”

  1. My dear Pamela. When next you talk to the Jumsheds, please, please give them our best. When you get a moment, please send me their phone number and a way of getting a gift to them. I will speak to a few folks and see if there is anyway we can at least get Mr. Jumshed employed.