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I just got back from Showcase – the annual Creative Memories event held for consultants packed with recognition, motivation, and tonnes of ideas and a general enthusiasm that is contagious!!! I think events like this, in whatever field that moves you, are essential to living life with a smile! I am so grateful that I got to share it with my mom and my sisters and my new sisters Vicki and Lisa! 🙂 I truly see a way that CM can help me with empowering others to live their authentic lives by sharing their stories and helping others to share their stories. I think the more stories we share, the more we all grow – and growing is a natural thing! I am so pumped about all the items available through CM to help you bring your stories to life that I would like to share them with the world – one person at a time, so if you have twenty minutes to chat, anytime, just let me know. But more importantly than that, if CM is not your expression of choice, that’s fine too. I just want to help others live their life, their story, their way – so if you just want to chat, or need a point of inspiration, motivation and empowerment, let’s connect!

Pamela 🙂