I feel like a one-sided book club sometimes! If anyone else is interested in starting a virtual bookclub for the fall, let me know. I would love to delve into books and then share ideas, impressions and feelings about what we’ve read as a group – and boy oh boy do I have some interesting suggestions for a fall reading list! http://www.freeteleconference.com hands out free US telephone numbers to use as teleconference calls too – if you want to meet up by telephone. But I digress…

I read The Tipping Point this weekend – a great little book by Gladwell – the author of Blink!. It discusses what causes movements, be they in sales, marketing, epidemics of disease etc. Some great stats and stories to back things up, but all done in a manner that anyone can read and understand. It makes a lot of sense too. If you run your own business, or are thinking about it, or very passionate about the business you work for, this book has some insights for you! Are you a Maven? A Connector? A Salesman? Do you know of any in your life?

In this day and age of so many media vehicles and messages, we are constantly confused and overwhelmed with all that is out there – which is more than enough to fill a few lifetimes, no?! That’s why we turn to our peers and people we trust for information and direction. Do you buy a car without asking friends and family what they have liked/disliked about their own vehicle purchases in the past? And we all know someone who knows a lot about cars, and for sure we are going to ask that person before we dive in to a $20,000 purchase or more.

It’s interesting to learn more about ourselves, peeling off more layers of the onion so to speak. A great weekend read. I highly recommend it!