Yesterday I had the esteemed privilege of carrying my three year old nephew David on a walk through a campground when nightfall had just set in. I was overcome by all the fireflies in the trees and bushes and we walked slowly and whispered for some reason about how beautiful the fireflies were and how many there were. I listened to little David’s whisper as he repeated exactly what I had said, and then realized that I had whispered it too! “Look at all the fireflies! Aren’t they beautiful?” I love fireflies – I cannot explain it, but I think it an amazing power to ‘light up’ and if there was a super power I could choose, it wouldn’t be to fly, or shoot fire, it would most likely be to illuminate! Radiate! Be the beacon in the night – shed light on the darkness. We did a 360 with David being held closely to my heart and breathed in the beauty that we were surrounded by these magnificent beings! It was a treasured moment to be sure.

Then this morning, in the pouring rain that has barely stopped for two days, as I was about to pull out of my driveway to run some errands, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a mother duck and her four little babies waddling by! I had to stop and smile – first of all thanking God that I DID LOOK before I put the foot to the gas pedal, and secondly that at the very moment I was able to see such an adorable little sight of these 5 creatures waddling and the oh-so-cute little ducklings just following their momma with complete faith on a stroll through the rain.

I find great joy in these moments….and I share them with you in hopes that they remind you of the joyful moments you have in your day too.