I heard a saying yesterday about this whole Law of Attraction thing – it was something like “If it was hard to do, then everyone would get it.  But it’s simple, and that’s why we have so much trouble with it.”

And then I began to read over the other Ho’oponopono post and realized that it sure is short and sweet!  🙂  And I wonder if you realize that it is vital to recognize that this is very simple stuff, but that you have to take it and make it your own.  You can walk around saying “Thank you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you” and probably feel better after a while.  It can be that easy – if you want it to be.  But letting go of old patterns, heck, even waking up to them in the first place, can be the greatest challenge some of us may have ever faced….

So take it all in – remember that it is simple – and then make it your own….

“Thank you to that part of me that raised this particular feeling/belief/thought in my awareness at this time”

“Now I know what I have to look into further…thank you.”

“I’m sorry that this feeling caused strife in myself and potentially others.  I see the positive intent behind this feeling, or the old pattern it is in keeping with and I forgive all.”

“From now on my intent with this is to ________”

“I deeply and completely love and accept all parts of myself.”

If you’re breathing deep and placing your hand on your heart or your head, and maybe try staring closely at a mirror!   Let the spirit move you….but don’t feel as though it has to take place in the outer world.  If you’re driving along and feel road rage, you can speak to yourself in the inner world and no one has to know but you.  But others will pick up on your calm demeanor.

Life is to be lived, and I think it is increasingly important to find ways to throw things we love in to the mix and not ‘schedule them’ so much.  Someone once asked a yoga instructor what poses she could do to strengthen her ability to bend over and pick up children as she does in her daycare 5 days a week, and with her own two children all the time.  A voice spoke from within me before I could even stop it – and I said – “That is your yoga.  You live it everyday.  Find the stretch, the joy in reaching for a child.  Feel yourself grounded with Mother Earth and Father Sky and breathe deeply and with unconditional self acceptance as you do it.  That is your yoga.”

There is too little time to fit in a class, or wait for advice all the time – just live it in all that you do now my friends….