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There are many serious yet inspiring stories, of people healing themselves of cancers and other deadly diseases by watching comedies and laughing and using positive intent of self-healing throughout their days. Tonnes of research and world-wide movements into laughter yoga, breathing techniques and through it all no one can deny – breathe is one of the most powerful parts of our existence. Some of us may take it for granted that we breathe – until an unpleasant smell comes into our awareness….but think about this – you can go without water for days, without food for days, but you require breath within seconds (minutes for well-trained peeps who hold it under water!)…

Take some time out to think about your breath today…is it shallow? Does it quicken when you feel a certain emotion? What do you feel after you deepen it? How does it feel to contract you rib cage or to feel your lower belly rising with the power of air, and pushing that air back out again?

We have a general tendency when we get older to breathe lighter and more up in our chest and with a shallow timing. And so goes our laughter as we age. We laugh quickly and sometimes quietly to not disturb any sort of perceived peace around us. Not so when we are young. If you are not around young people right now, then watch the video below to jog your memory:

Above all, remember what it was like to laugh fully – deep in your belly complete laugh our loud laughter. Abandon all notions of what others will think, or how you sound, or anything in and in the moment laugh! Wholeheartedly. There is great therapy in laughter…can anyone in the moment they are laughing feel anything other than joy? I mean truly – doesn’t it all seem to melt away, and isn’t there a sense of restored peace, even if only for a few seconds, after a good laugh?

I encourage you all to laugh and breathe like babies, and to find the laughter in your daily routine.

Light and Laughter to you all!