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I have watched this video over 25 times now and I just have to put it at the top of my page again, because I feel the power of intent behind it and REALLY want to make sure that anyone who would not otherwise scroll down and read through the posts to find this one will have the opportunity to see it…

May you connect with your dreams in peace and love today….


Grab some kleenex and hold on for the ride – this story is absolutely amazing. It will take your breath away when you become aware of any assumptions you may have made before the end of the video and you will cry out for joy that someone has re-claimed their power, despite all odds, but also with all odds.

When you know what your gift/dream is, sooner or later it will find you a way to realize it, and hopefully you are willing to step up to the microphone when that happens….there could be no better feeling in the world than to live and act in harmony with your purpose. God Bless you Paul for showing us a piece of beauty…

Paul Potts – Britain’s Got Talent