Imagine for a moment if you were to notice in the moment you were feeling other than peace, exactly the emotion, and what triggered it, and then in the next moment you were able to thank your inner self for showing you the next layer of the onion to peel off?!  If someone says something that upsets you, then you know right away that you are experiencing a limiting belief associated with that feeling and you can tap away (see EFT tapping in “Grab a Coffee”) or write in your journal, reframe it, or meditate on it for a bit and find peace with it.  Whatever your style – whatever works for you, but you have it within you to do it, are you aware of that?  You don’t have to replay painful situations over and over and over again – you are only a victim as long as you choose to be.  Hard words to hear sometimes, but great power in them, because there is such great power in each one of us!  Let your light shine today.  🙂