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Limiting Beliefs

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Beliefs are something we carry deep inside of our souls, and they are formed at a very young age, but they shape what manifests in our lives today. Have you ever considered delving in to what your beliefs may be? Finish the following sentences with whatever comes to mind first:

“Money doesn’t grow on…”

“A penny for your…”

“It takes money to make…”

“Success doesn’t happen…”

Now how do you think your answers to the above are shaping your life? Consider re-framing those standard sayings with a flood of positivity that makes sense to you and see if you can come up with that line first when you see these statements again.

Embrace the beliefs you hold, because they have kept you safe and have brought you to where you’re at today – but if you’d like to go somewhere else, then thank those beliefs and let them go and embrace new ones on a frequent basis.

May abundance overwhelm you today and always.

Author: Pamela

I am many things to many people, but ultimately, I am.

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