I love food…it is a beautiful way to let creativity flow through you and to connect with all that the earth provides! Regardless of your eating habits and diet, food can always be a pleasure if you choose it to be that way.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed lately:

  • Mashed up avocado, pineapple chunks and a bit of their juice, chopped up roma tomatoes, all stirred together and thrown into a wrap! SUPER TASTY.  Also good with toasted pumpernickel.
  • My all time breakfast favourite: poached eggs on toasted bagel with goats cheese, fresh baby spinach and cottage cheese on top!  What a hefty meal anytime of the day.
  • TAZO Chai Tea -comes in the cartons and you can throw it into the blender with some milk and ice for a beautiful summer treat at home.  I love my bullet for this!
  • Greens.  Amazing way to start your day, or get that afternoon boost!  My favourite kind so far: Progressive in blueberry flavour.
  • 002’s! Rice paper wraps from my favourite Chinatown establishment.  I’ve figured out how to make them at home and they are a delightful and economic treat!  You can get rice paper and vermicelli in almost any grocery store now, and whatever else you want to put in is up to you.  I have tried shredded baby spinach, shredded carrots, chopped peanuts and thawed cooked shrimp so far.  And I made a peanut sauce to dunk them in that goes really fast!  Real peanut butter (just mashed up peanuts – no sugar or anything), coconut milk, red pepper flakes if you like it spicy, a bit of brown sugar if you want it a bit sweeter, and I just throw it all in the bullet, but I’ve seen recipes where you can boil everything and cook it and let it chill etc.  I’m sure more ingredients would add to the taste, but I love peanut butter and coconut milk so much I didn’t bother to add anything else yet!

Please do share what has been on your plate lately – I love learning new ideas.